this Offer is inactive & Expired



this Offer is inactive & Expired


this Offer is inactive & Expired

Bitfreezy $50 Welcome Bonus

Bitfreezy’s $50 Welcome Bonus is the right choice for traders looking for the profit withdrawal based trading solution . This offer is made for beginners and .

professional Forex Traders to get understanding of the platform provided by Bitfreezy with multiple features, ease in withdrawals and to understand the process of how effectively you can trade in MetaTrader 5 Platform.

this Offer is inactive & Expired

Benefits & Features

  • For Beginners, $50 Welcome Bonus will allow them to get familiar with our trading platform and practice Forex Trading with tradable real money rather than using demo accounts and waiting for days to get themselves into REAL TRADING EXPERIENCE. This $50 Welcome Bonus will be yours to trade, earn and withdraw profits.

  • This is a good choice for the traders who want to try trading in different kind of assets or trading markets, as of Welcome Bonus is the most valuable No-Risk Trading option for everyone.

  • This allows you to place different trades into an award-winning MetaTrader 5 trading platform, and is available for you to try new types of trading opportunities.

  • Professional Forex Traders can avail this bonus to try new strategies they had in their mind, but can’t apply in their Real Accounts to keep their deposit safe from RISK. Rather than testing strategies on your Real Accounts, you may test them using our $50 Welcome Bonus.

this Offer is inactive & Expired

How to receive $50 Welcome Bonus?

Signup and Open Forex Account

Choose “Get Welcome Bonus” in CRM

Follow the terms, earn profit and withdraw

this Offer is inactive & Expired


  • For $50 Welcome Bonus, you are required to have a Live MT5 Account.

  • All existing and new clients can avail this promotion

  • Welcome Bonus will be credited to your MT5 trading account

  • This $50 Welcome Bonus is in the ownership of the Company and is not withdraw-able

  • There are a total of 5000 MT5 trading accounts reserved for this offer.

  • This Welcome Bonus is available or valid upto 30-June-2020

  • The promotion will be stop if we have filled out all number of accounts available for this bonus.

  • Each client can request for Welcome Bonus at once.

  • In $50 Welcome Bonus trading account, Margin Call is at 100% and Stop Out is at 50%

  • The Leverage is fixed to 1:100 in this Welcome Bonus offer.

  • Internal Transfer and changes in Account Type or Leverage is not permissble.

  • You can only trade in Forex Currencies using $50 Welcome Bonus

  • You may use any trading strategy using this $50 Welcome Bonus, without any restrictions.

  • You are eligible to request for withdraw from profits made using $50 Welcome Bonus.

  • Minimum $50 and Maximum $100 profit is withdrawable. if you have earned profit over $100, still you can request for $100 profit withdraw.

  • 5 Standard Lots are mandatory to complete for a withdrawal request in this promotion.

  • To get the withdrawal of the profit, deposit of $100 is required. Without the deposit, withdrawal request will be rejected.

  • Only one (1) withdraw from the profit is allowed from the $50 Welcome Bonus trading account

  • This $50 Welcome Bonus is not eligible for Zero Balance Protection in your MT5 Account using bonus.

  • By participating in this promotion, you are agreed to all the terms of this promotion and the right of the Company to cancel the $50 Welcome Bonus trading account and all profits obtained through this promotion in MT5 trading account at any time without giving any reason at the sole discretion of the Company

  • Upon first profit withdrawal, your trading account will be reset to zero, The bonus and remaining amount will be lift off from your MT5 Trading Account.

  • In your account bonus amount withdrawal is strictly prohibited.

  • After First Withdrawal from Bonus Account, all terms and restritioncs will no more implemented to the account and it will be turned into a Standard Live Account.

  • You will be required to verify your KYC Documents for withdrawal request.

  • This offer is available for all existing and new customers.

  • Existing customer’s MT5 trading account equity should be zero at the time requesting for $50 Welcome Bonus

  • Profit earned using Welcome Bonus is also under the ownership of the Company and can be canceled at any time in the sole discretion of the Company

  • It is strictly prohibited to participate again by using another email address. You will be disqualified from this promotion and as a result bonus amount and profit earned will be removed from all the duplicate trading accounts, if any such instance is found

  • Any instance of fraudulent activity will result in disqualification from this promotion. The bonus amount and profit earned will be removed, if any such instance is found, without any notice in the sole discretion of the company

  • Trading Account credited with $50 Welcome Bonus is not eligible for IB rebates

  • Trading Account credited with $50 Welcome Bonus is not eligible for Zero Balance Protection

  • Company reserves the right to display name, email, picture, MT5 Account ID and withdrawal amount on the website for all of the clients availed this promotion or get profit’s withdrawals

  • You can request for Withdraw only a single time from the profits gain through $50 Welcome Bonus.

  • Clients are not eligible for any deposit bonus on the deposited funds for the withdrawal of profit from this welcome bonus

  • In case of any dispute, the Company’s decision is final and not challengeable in any court of law from the client

this Offer is inactive & Expired

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